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    Hello, I'm Jacob.
    A young amateur photographer.
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I enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are my pictures I enjoy the most

Landscapes Photography

I also admire the beauty of landscapes.

Animals Photography

I must say that animals are the most passionate subject for me, I can wait a long time for the right click.

About Me

Who is Behind?

My name is Jacob Fort I'm 16 years old. I live in Arras en Lavedan in the Val d'Azun, Pyrenees, France. I was born in Norwich (Norfolk) in the East of England, UK. My family moved to France when I was just one. Having grown up in this part of France, I have always admired and enjoyed the beauty of nature in this mountainous region; a sharp contrast to the marshy plains that I have equally admired between my visits to England and my teenage years, here in France.

" I know how to appreciate this beautiful mountainous region."

I am an amateur photographer taking pictures of flora and fauna. My goal is to show wildlife photography from around the world. I can't remember exactly when and why I started to follow this path, or why it became a real passion for me. All I remember is that It became a curiosity as much as a call from nature.


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